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Date   : 21st February 2011
Venue : Edmark Sudan Office, Khartoum
Event  : Grand MDR
By       : Melvin Niegas and Anas Mohammed Iklil

Good leaders make people feel that they’re at the very heart of things, not at the periphery. Everyone feels that they can make a difference to the success of the organization. When that happens people feel centered and that gives their work meaning.”

For Distributors to grow in the business of Edmark, Edmark Sudan Members seriously follow the 3 ways the business such as Increase the number of Distributors, Increase the Average Sales transaction and Increase the Frequency of Purchase.  During the Grand MDR Sudanese once again showed that power and dramatically increase the membership.  187 participants vibrantly empowered the event through the help of the dynamic speakers.

At exactly 4:00 pm, lots of Guests registration down their names to receive the Good news.  To set the day warm, Abdullah Yagoub Alnour Kaf led the invocation followed by a powerful dance energizer led by the Magnificent Mktg. eagles of EdmarkSudan dancing with Distributors and Guest as being part of our culture.

CM Donna stood as the host. She welcomes and congratulated everyone especially the guest for giving their time for this previous event, also entreated them to give all eyes to all speakers in order to gain and achieve their aim of being in the Grand MDR.
She quickly invited the most powerful and energetic speaker from Saudi Arabia SCM Abdul Rahman Oshy to speak for the Part 1 which is Shake off.

The powerful speaker explained intensely slide by slide the dangers of poor life styles; effects     and benefits of Shake Off Phyto fiber. Ending with a simple advice that they must be users of the product.

A short testimony from a distributor Huda Mohammed user of the products saying that she joined edmark because she had a lot of illnesses such as headaches, feeling so weak within a short walk, weighed 75kg  and difficulties to discharge. Barely three weeks now has her life never been the same free from those ailments, happy to say that she has lost 4.5kg with weeks and still living on the products.

SM Abdul Wahab Bogess spark up the part 2 of the seminar which is Fat burning highlighting on the risk of being overweight and why we need MRT.
A testimony from Hadia Alameldin Fadul saying she was obese when edmark was introduced to her and ever then she has been on the P4 slimming pack and reducing weight drastically. She confirmed weighing 92.5kg but now 83kg, saying she lost 9.5 within 3wks. She was really glad that she has found edmark which will bring better life not only for her but for all the Sudanese.

SCM Abdul Rahman climbed on stage again for the final module which is the Marketing Plan and how demarks compensation plans rewards you on performance and the bonus rewarding.

DCM Anacleto Lumapas a franchise owner of Edmark Sharjah in UAE gave a wonderful testimony on how successful he has become through edmark. He has achieved cars, houses from the company and the amount he received as yearend bonus let alone his actual bonus.
The Edmark system is working magically only if one follows and the best way to follow is to unlock your poor mentally. Thanking them for attending, saying that they are at the right place, at the right time to better their health, wealth and total wellbeing.

The event ended with a Huddle time discussions between invited Guest and distributors.
Thanks to God and to all Leaders as well as the assigned committees.

Edmark Sudan! Outstanding!!! Soaring High to the top.


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