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Announcement: إدمارك السودان المناسبات الكبيرة لشهر مايو 2015م






Announcement: إدمارك السودان جدول المناسبات لشهر مايو 2015م

Edmark Sudan May 2015 Events Calendar


DCM ABDULLAH O. IDREES car Hyundai Tucson A4 - Copy

اول تكريم للمدير التاجي المزدوج و تسليم السيارة

EVENT: 1st Double Crown Recognition and Car Fund Awarding
DATE: 2015-04-30
TIME: 12pm
VENUE: Sparks City Hall, Khartoum – Sudan
Written By: Anas Mohammed
Pictures by: T3 / Mona Mohamed

1. WelcomingWith joy remarking to you the success of Edmark Sudan’s just ended 1st Double Crown recognition and Car Fund awarding ceremony, this ceremony has largely went viral in Khartoum, Sudan.

2. RegistrationEdmark Sudan in 2015 Year of Momentum is climbing height in its milestone.
The event collated 483 attendees which includes 194 guest and 289 Distributors.
3. Entrance of Sudan National FlagBoth guest and distributors were cordially welcomed and received at the entrance of the venue upon arrival by set of STP and Leaders committees. Special invited guest from GM Dr. Abdulrahman Elrashid, names of guest includes Hon. Nadir Algadir (General Manager of Amipharma of Sudan) and DCM Abdulrahman Oshy from Edmark Saudi Arabia.

Opening prayers, entrance of Sudan national anthem and vibrant dance energizer.
4. Powerful Dance Energizer
Welcome remarks by Branch in Charge Dominguito Polo.
5. Welcome RemarksGuest Speaker DCM Abdulrahman Oshy ignited the hall with empowerment and motivations to Edmarkers to believe that they can do more and Edmark is just starting and has a lot to give, went ahead to discuss the roles and benefit of a Double Crown Manger.

6. Edmark Sudan Dance GroupEdmark Sudan traditional Dance group gave their best performance.

7. Recognition DCM AbdallahRecognition saw the lights of DCM ABDULLAH OMER IDREES and DCM BANDAR AWAD MOHGOUP.

Compilations of AVP in their Edmark Journey, Achievers went speechless yet they took the opportunity to share

8. Recognition DCM Bandar
their story and to thank Management of Edmark for their continuous support,  thanks to their down lines, family and friends.
9. Special Message

Inspirational message by GM Dr. Abdulrahman Elrashid.
10. Inspirational Message

Car awarding the most awaiting part of the event,  Intermission number by Anas and Ugandan dance CREW from African University.

11. Car fund Awarding ”Seeing is believing” Present attendees ”Wowed” to see the true giving of car from Edmark.

12. Hyundai Tucson
Management of Edmark Sudan awarded original car keys of Hyundai Tucson 2015 model and ownership licences to NEWLY CAR FUND RECIPIENT DCM ABDULLAH OMER IDREES, with joy the saw a large crowd outside
13. Ribbon Cuttingfor blessing ceremony and RIBBON CUTTING OF THE CAR.

The day continued with merry, love and photo taking among all till end.


أول تكريم للمدير التاجي المزدوج وتسليم السيارة


إجتماع المحاضرين والمدربين والقادة مع السيد / سام لو

EVENT: Speakers, Trainers and Leaders Meeting
DATE: 150425
TIME: 10:30am – 18:00pm
Written By: Anas Mohammed
Pictures: Mona Mohamed

1. WelcomingEdmark Sudan’s successful Leaders meeting and Open to public.

Though it was a Holy day, Edmark Sudan Leaders still showed their respectful Love to welcome our Chairman and Company at the Khartoum airport.
2. Chairman upon arrival at VenueChairman’s visiting the branch turns to be blossom waiting for the actual meeting.
3. During Muslim PrayersLeaders gave Chairman a welcome reception upon arriving the venue of the said meeting.

4. Chairmans MeetingMeeting adjourned amicably with management team paying attention to all concerned which were well attended to

5. Attentive Ears to all points of Viewsby Chairman leaving everyone in harmony and packed with motivations.

Open to public saw lots of Guest and distributors, yet everyone was empowered. After opening prayers and powerful Dance energizer, Welcome remarks by General Manager AbdulRahman Elrashid.

6. Open Forum

Outstanding Good News from Ee Ping about New Edmark products soon to arrive in Sudan.
7. Good NewsYee Ming spoke and motivated all through his experiences in life and lessons learnt.
Setting a world record in 2012 on the longest ball balancing on head. He exhibited skills which left the crowd Woow!

8. Yee ming
Yee Ming introduce Chairman and all stood to salute and sing an outstanding Happy Birthday Song to Chairman.
Chairman empowered all with series of motivations on how to see every problem and challenges as opportunity.

The way we look at things and conclude defines. Learning to let go problems and move on to a better future.
When you are happy you condition yourself to great achievements.
9. Sir SamThere are lots of testimonies said by users of Edmark Products, using P4 Ambassadors Mr. Ali Madani and Mr. Mohamed Mahmoud as great example of P4 LOSE TO WIN.

Edmark Sudan is Happy! Happy Doing Edmark Business.

Feel Good Now!



4th Year Anniversary / P4 Lose to win 90Days Final Weigh-In

EVENT: 4th Year Anniversary / GRAND MDR/ P4 Lose to win 90Days Final Weigh-In
DATE: 150321
TIME: 2pm
VENUE: Sudanese Women Union, Hall. Khartoum – Sudan
Written By: Anas


Slide1Edmark Sudan continuous to strengthen its Milestone in Khartoum, Sudan.
Adding to the milestone saw successfully end of its 4th Year Anniversary and 1st Batch of P4 Lose to win 90days Challenge final Weigh-In on Saturday 21, March 2015.

January 28, 2011 marked the existence and opening of Edmark branch in Khartoum, Sudan.
Today, Sudanese has embraced Edmark and its outstanding culture under its four Pillars of Gratitude, Abundance, Love and Compassion.
Edmark products reaching more than thousands household in Sudan and about more than Fifteen thousand Sudanese who are Edmarkers.

Edmark Education System is there to guide each distributors to ride to the top, from Zero to become heroes, haven recognized 12 Crown Managers, 1 Senior Crown Manager and 2 Double Crown Managers up to this year 2015 and all aspiring to have their dream Cars and houses which many are already car recipients.
Year of Momentum said to be the theme of 2015 in Edmark business its motif is taken seriously. Edmarkers in Sudan have accepted the year and adopting the Change to spread the goodness of Edmark Power 4 products and business opportunity to each and everyone.
With the early Launch of P4 Lose to Win 90 Days Challenge on December 21, 2014, this said Challenge has place many Edmarkers in shape including other Sudanese.

In relation to the remarkable Anniversary, the event gathered about 518 attendees at Sudanese Women Union Hall, Khartoum – Sudan to witness.
Thanksgiving ceremony led by Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed, all stood up to Salute and welcome the Sudan flag accompanied by the Sudan National Anthem.
Slide2Powerful Dance energizer from Edmark Staff and selected STPs.
Video compilation AVP was played from 2011 – 2015.

Welcome Remarks by DCM Bandar Award Mohgoub, already a car fund recipient, he addressed every Edmark to clinch on seriously to the business  and to none Edmarkers to embrace the opportunity.
Slide3Grand MDR presented by CM Sawsan Yahaya, brief explanation kindling none Edmarkers to become Edmarkers.
Slide4Stage was then Crowded with achievers during Zero to Hero Recognition.
Achievers seen was from Managers to Double Crown Mangers respectively.
Slide5Leaders stood to slice Anniversary Cake marking Edmark Sudan’s 4th Year Anniversary in the Year 2015.

Slicing of Anniversary Cake gave way for the most awaiting part of the event which is the Finals of the P4 Lose to win 90Days Challenge. 

Three highly deserving prize winners and surprisingly 2 P4 Ambassadors and Biggest Looser was seen.
Vibrant dance energizer from Edmark P4 Dancers and round girls.
Host Mr. Mahmound Elnour P4 2nd Place runner up stood as the host of this Event.
Slide1Still on Excitement, shaky seats P4 Lose to Win Final Weigh In became more challenging, 

watching themselves in AVP compilations of what took place during their weekly activities and brief messages on their transformations.
Some P4 contestants exhibited skills of what they’ve learnt during this period of 90days period and how energetic they are.
Play Global Obesity video, South African Obesity report videos which was all on Pandemic of Obesity in the world today, Obesity is killing more people today than hunger. Video reinforced by Anas in a special message and creating awareness.
Slide2Why Lose to Win and contest mechanics discussed by Mr. Mohamed Mahmoud Elnour.
Slide3Certificate of Participation was given to all,
Acting BOI Ayyub Haroun Yousif stood for the Awarding of Winners and Consolation prizes to non-winners.
1st Place:  MR. ALI MADANI = LOST 16kgs / 118.5%, Present Weight 59kgs
2nd Place:
 MR. MOHAMED MAHMOUD ALNOUR = LOST 28kgs / 105.6%, Present Weight 65.5 kgs
3rd Place:
 MR. MOHAMED ALDORED MAREED =  LOST 9.5kgs / 90.5%, Present Weight 77.5 kgs
P4 Ambassardors
: 2

Biggest Looser : MR. MOHAMED MAHMOUD ALNOUR = LOST 28kgs / 105.6%, Present Weight 65.5 kgs
Slide6Round girls from P4 LTW contestants in a grand energy.
Slide5Able to have 22 signed up application for P4 Lose to win Batch 2 during the Launching.
A warm family, friendly and feel good now atmosphere prevailed throughout.

Be part of the Family and Feel Good Now!

جدول المناسبات لشهر 4 – 2015

Edmark Sudan April 2015 Events Calendar

!رئيس شركة إدمارك العالمية – سام لو سيزور السودان





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