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Announcement: إدمارك السودان جدول المناسبات لشهر نوفمبر 2014 م

2014 November Calendar of Events - Edmark SUDAN - by anas

إدمارك السودان محاضرة رالي إنطلاق العضويات الكبيرة

gmdr plog 22 november 2

إدمارك السودان تكريم المدير التاجي

EVENT: Crown Recognition
DATE: 20141025
VENUE: Sudanese Women’s Union Hall
Written by: Arwa Manzool – Mktg. Eagle
PICTURES: EM Mona Mohammed


Edmark Sudan hosted yet another amazing Crown Recognition on Saturday, October 25th, 2014 at 3pm in the Sudanese Women’s Union Hall. The event saw the recognition of 11 Crown Managers, graced by the presence of Crown Managers and Double Crown Managers from Edmark Jeddah and Riyadh as VIPs.1 The event commenced with the announcement of the P4 Lose to Winofficial launch on 20 December, 2014. Soon after, the Grand Entrance of the newly promoted Crown Managers took place, escorted by DCM, SCM, DM and Emeralds. The awardees took their seats for the opening prayer led by Hytham, followed by the Sudanese national anthem. The enthusiastic dance energizer led by staff and STP empowered the event, bringing the audience on their feet to participate in the Edmark City dance. 2Welcome remarks was done by DCM Omar who encouraged and motivated all Edmarkers to maximize the addition 3% of car funds and 2% of house funds, to keep working until they achieve success in Edmark, beginning from distributors to DCM in order to achieve financial freedom andEdmark’snine great bonuses. 3The roles and benefits of a Crown Manager were explained by DCM Bandar Awad. Sharing the benefits, he explained the importance of representing the interest of all downlines in Edmark by embracing the code of ethics, seeing and assuring that things are done accurately in line with Edmark’s mission.4 A special number was performed by selected distributors, showcasing a beautiful traditional dance to the delight of everyone present. Sir Polo, DCM Bandar Award, DCM Omar, CM Hawa Awad, CM Abdullah Shangab, stood in line for the pining and awarding of the newly promoted Crown Managers. 5The newly promoted Crown Managers awarded were CM MOHAMED ISAAA IBRAHIM, CM OSMAN SULIMAN AHMED, CM HUBADEEN ADAM EBRAHIM, CM HADIA ADAM EBRAHIM, CM ABDELMONIEM KHALID, CM MANAL MOHAMED AHMED, CM AFNAN AHMED ABDALFADIL, CM ALMEGDAD SALIH ALI, CM MALIK MOHAMED SALIH, CM ABDULLAH O. IDRISS and CM SAWSAN YAHYA ADAM.6 Upon reaching this height of success, they shared their testimonies about how they started in Edmark, giving thanks to Allah almighty, the management of Edmark, especially Chairman Mr. Sam Low Ban Chai, General Manager of Edmark Sudan and all the staff of Edmark Sudan.7 CM Sawsan Yahya went on to lightened the atmosphere of the hall with a wonderful song number. The mission of Edmark,‘People Helping People Succeed’ is reflected with the four pillars of Edmark, GRATITUDE, ABUNDANCE, LOVE and COMPASSION .



CM RECOG 141025 BLOG - Copy

DIAMOND RECOGNITION (تكريم المدير الماسيي)

EVENT: Diamond Recognition
DATE: 140927
VENUE: Sudanese Women’s Union Hall.
Written By: Arwa Manzool – Mkgt. Eagle
PICTURE Taken by: EM Mona Mohamed



Edmark Sudan hosted an inspiring Diamond Recognition in this year of discipline on Saturday, September 27th 2014 at 4pm at the Sudanese Women’s Union Hall. Beautiful people ranging from guests to Edmarkers made their way to the events hall for registration. 2. sudan Flag

The elegant looking host, Arwa kicked off the event full of zest with the Grand Entrance of the newly promoted Diamond Managers escorted by DCM, SCM, DM and Emeralds. The awardees took their seats for the opening prayer led by Assad Ahmed followed by the Sudanese national anthem.3. DANCE ENERGIZER

The vibrant dance energizer led by the staff and STP got the distributors and guests on their feet joining in the “chop my money” and Edmark City dance. CM Abdullah O.Idriss took the stage to deliver a welcome remark, encouraging everyone present to climb the ladder of success in their Edmark business. With Edmark’s 9 Great bonuses, he advised Edmarkers to maximize the addition 3% of Car Funds. He closed by reminding everyone present to keep up the ‘Feel Good Now’ environment in Edmark Sudan.4. intermission

Edmark Sudan’s marketing staffs, branch in charge, Mr. Dominguito Polo and several selected distributors gave a wonderful performance of ‘Shakeria La La La’ during the intermission. The enthusiastic and entertaining piece of dance performance brought much joy and excitement to the audience. The hall was filled with happiness as the crowd cheered with glee. 5. Recognition

CM Malik Mohammed took to the floor, the roles and benefits of a Diamond Manager. Sharing the benefits, he explained the importance of supporting one’s downlines in the Edmark ESS in order to ensure that they are doing it right. He expressed the great privilege of being with them throughout the grooming process, seeing and assuring that things are done accurately in line with the mission of Edmark.6. Recognition

Sir Polo, DCM Bandar Award, CM Malik Mohammed , CM Manal Mohammed, CM Abdullah O.Idriss and CM Hadia Adam stood in line for the various pining and awarding of the newly promoted Diamond Managers. The newly promoted Diamond Managers awarded were DM OSMAN SULIMAN AHMED, DM HAFIZ HASSAN, DM HYTHAM EBRAHIM, DM SOMIA ELTUB, DM MOHAMMED ADAM and DM MARYAM ABDALRAZIG. 7. RecognitionUpon reaching this height of success, they shared their testimony about how they started in Edmark, giving thanks to Allah almighty, the management of Edmark, especially Chairman Mr. Sam Low Ban Chai, General Manager of Edmark Sudan and all the staff of Edmark Sudan. 8. Recognition WITH family n friends

DM Osman Suliman Ahmed was awarded ‘The Most Outstanding Diamond Manager’. DCM Bander Awad gave an inspirational message, encouraging all downlines and newly crowned Diamond Managers to continually accelerate their business by working hard and consistently follow the 4 steps to success in the Edmark business. 9. Congat

Right from the very beginning to the end, the event was full of excitement and inspiration, blessed with the presence of distributors, family and friends.

جدول المناسبات لشهر اكتوبر إدمارك السودان



Event: Goals Setting Seminar
Date: 140913 @ 12:00 pm
Venue: Sudanese Women’s Union Hall
Written By: Mktg. Staff Arwa Mohamed Manzool


An astounding 2nd GSS in The Year of Discipline was held last Saturday, 13th of September 2014 with 165 attendees. The event was energetically kick started by DCM AbdulRahman Oshy.

1. Registration

The outstanding DCM Abdurrahman Oshydelivered a welcome remark, greeting the attendees and congratulating everyone present at the motivational seminar.

Thepresentationcontinued enthusiastically with the host, Assad Abdul-Fadil as he drew the audiences’ attention to the powerful Arabic speaker, EM Mona Mohammed for the first part of the module.

2. welcome Remarks In her 1st Module: Edmark University of Success, she affirmed that there is no other university with the ability to drive an individual to their optimum success but the Edmark University of Success. Many a time, individuals enter education in schools and universities aimlessly. With the Edmark Education System, there is a provision of clear and focused goals able to spearhead individuals to succeed.

The system trains individuals to be independent business people with clear goals in mind. In setting goals, one has to be mindful of the smarter goals. SMARTER goals being: Specific, Measureable, with Action Plan, Time Limit, Encouragement and Reminders. The session on really knowing what one’s big quadrants are was presented by CM Almegdad Salih.

3. big rocks The energetic DCM Abdurrahman Oshy motivated and encouraged all distributors to chase after dreams. In order to achieve them, individuals were advised to change their state of mind and behavior in order to garner the desired result. He reminded them that whatever they focus on is what they would receive. In his words, “Focus on where you what to go but do not fear. Through the power of concentration, whatever you focus on becomes your idea of reality.”

4. How to get what you want

In building any business, especially the Edmark business, tools are of utmost importance. Tools are never an option, but a necessity. Audiences were advised to know and understand their tools because in RM Hajer Aboubaker’s words, “The more you use them, the greater your chances of success.”

“Every function and seminar held in Edmark is very important and should be taken seriously,” said CM Sawsan Yahya. Audiences were told that they would never experience a greater gathering of champions with an environment of explosive excitement similar to an Edmark function. The serious distributors who attend functions and seminars are the most eager and interested people in progressing.
5. Tools

An individual’s self-esteem is the picture of oneself held in mind. Thus, it is of utmost important that everyone sees the very best picture of himself or herself. Say the best things and tell the truth to yourself. Self-talk is the process of building a new program in the brain. In building your self-esteem, you need to believe in your dreams – that they will come true. Believe in yourself and transform it into reality. Success is yours for the taking.

6. Self Talk Enthusiastically, DCM AbdulRahman Oshy reaffirmed that the Edmark Education System shows individuals how to build their dreams. This is one of the greatest gifts that Edmark business has to offer. Small dreams lead to small results; outstanding dreams lead to outstanding results.

The seminar was power packed from start to finish. Each speaker ensured that the audience understood the utmost importance of setting goals
and doing the right thing at all times.

7. Gss speakers Feel Good Now!

مناسبات إدمارك السودان الكبيرة لشهر سبتمبر

GSS Sept

خطاب إعتذار إدمارك السودان

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

أعزاءي الموزعين في شركة إدمارك السودان نعتذر لكم لعدم إنطلاق برنامج إفقد لتكسب 90 يوم تحدي المحدد بتاريخ 30 اغسطس 2014م
الذي تم تأجيله الي حين إشعار اخر وسوف نعلمكم بالمواعيد التي سوف تحدد


Event: Emerald Recognition
Date: 140531 @ 4:30pm
Venue: Sudanese Women’s Union Hall
Written By: Mktg.Staff Arwa Mohamed Manzool

Recognition is a communication tool that reinforces and rewards the most important outcomes people create for your business. When some people are recognizing effectively they are reinforcing by chosen to see other people repeat their behaviors and actions. Edmark Sudan successfully ended its Emerald Recognition on Saturday at Sudanese Women’s Union Hall. The host and hostess Elrayh and Eman with their elegant look, energizing the audience beginning with Muslim prayers by DM Hytham. Slide1 Then  to the grand fantastic parade entrance of Emerald Managers by Energetic Task Sudanese musician. Then all audience in the hall standing up for Sudan National Anthem. New Microsoft Office PowerPoint Presentation After that series of enthusiastic dance energizers beginning by Edmark dance energizer. The merriment and mellowness of achievers and audience created a pleasant atmosphere inside the hall. Slide3 CM Malik Salih gave his Welcome remarks giving thanks to all edmarkers and guests who came and attend on that day including congratulations of newly achievers EM managers. Roles and benefits of Emerald Manager was discussed by DM Manal Mohamed Ahmed, she explained what are those things they can enjoy in being an Emerald. Starting from Retail Profit up to Year End Bonus. Slide4 Newly promoted EM mangers from month of September 2013 and march 2014 were awarded , EM IBRAHIM ABOBAKER IBRAHIM, EM MAKKA HUSSAIEN ESSA, EM ALSHAMI MOHAMMED MOKHTAR, EM HODA IBRAHIM AHMED, EM HANAN TAHA HASSAN, EM FAISAL YOUSIF GIRGIR, EM OMMER ADAM ABOULLAH, EM ENTESAR ABDALMAGED DRAG & EM NAFISA HUSEIN ALTAYEB, sharing their testimony, how they started and upon reaching this height, giving thanks to Allah almighty, the management of Edmark especially C.E.O Mr. Sam Low Ban Chai, General Manager of Edmark Sudan and all Staffs of Edmark Sudan. CM Salah , CM Abdalmonem, CM Malik , CM Elmegdad,CM Hawa, CM Afnan , DM Maryam , DM Nadia and all audience stood for the various pining of Newly Promoted Emerald managers and awarding. A very happy and lovely environment as they receive congratulations from downlines guest and distributors. Slide5Slide6 SCM Bander Awad gave inspirational message and encouragement for all downlines and Newly EM managers to continue and accelerate their work by working hard and follow up the 4 steps to success in Edmak business. Marketing Assist. Arwa thanking audience, all the newly promoted Emerald Managers and hoping for all to reach up! Focusing on their work well and continue which they can achieve DCM. á